WellMama’s Mission

WellMama Maternal Mental Health and Support Services is a comprehensive nonprofit providing pregnancy and postpartum mental health support services, to new, expectant, and grieving parents. We support families struggling with emotions related to reproductive health issues, including pregnancy, the first few years postpartum, adoption, infertility, and perinatal loss.

Our Mission:

WellMama provides support, information, advocacy, and access to appropriate treatment to people who may be suffering from perinatal mood or postpartum anxiety as well as mental health conditions related to all reproductive health events. WellMama is dedicated to raising community awareness of perinatal mental health. We do this by providing education on prevention, universal screening, and appropriate treatment and resources to parents and the professionals who serve them.

Our Objectives:

WellMama volunteers provide accurate information and confidential, nonjudgmental support to women, their families, and support people through our free warm-line, email support, and group support services. WellMama provides education, consultation, and training to the professional community on the most recent research on prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Our Values:

  • Accurate information and support for the emotional challenges of pregnancy, birth, and parenting is a matter of basic rights, social justice, and appropriate health care.
  • Parents should never feel alone.
  • Parents are never to blame for their depression, anxiety, or mood disorders, and they should receive understanding and compassion.
  • Emotional support during pregnancy and after delivery is key to preventing the development of severe mood disorders, including postpartum depression.
  • All families should have access to pregnancy and postpartum support services.

We are people who have been there or served and loved those that have been there. You are not alone, and shouldn’t ever feel that way. Talk to us. We are here.

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