Volunteer with WellMama

WellMama welcomes new volunteers throughout the year. We work with volunteers to understand their areas of interest and place them appropriately. The list below provides examples of the types of volunteer opportunities available at WellMama. No amount of time is too insignificant, and every little bit helps!

Those interested in volunteering should complete our online volunteer application form.

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Three women of different ethnicity hugging and smiling

WellMama works with volunteers to find tasks that match their interests.

Below find volunteer opportunities from 5 Minutes to 5 Months!

I Have 5 Minutes to Help WellMama

  • Like WellMama on Facebook and share our page.
  • Add our website (www.wellmamaoregon.org) to the signature line of your emails.
  • Share your pregnancy and postpartum story with a friend and tell her or him about WellMama.
  • Make a one-time or recurring donation to WellMama. Just $10 a month helps us offer support groups, hotline support, and case consultation.
  • Post a support group flyer at the grocery store, children’s clothing exchange store, or your church.

I Have 30 Minutes to Help WellMama

  • Hand write thank you cards to our donors.
  • Read the newspapers and forward topics related to pregnancy and postpartum depression to WellMama. Our email is info@wellmamaoregon.org
  • Make a call to someone you know in the TV, radio, or print media and encourage them share WellMama resources.
  • Make a call to an elected official or a decision-maker for a local business or company. Encourage them to support WellMama through donations and employee volunteerism.
  •  Give support group flyers to 5 friends.

I Have 1 Hour to Help WellMama

  • Invite WellMama staff to attend a luncheon at a community organization you belong to and share resources.
  • Host an interactive lunch hour at your workplace or an interactive playgroup. Invite the WellMama staff to attend and share resources.
  • Participate in a quarterly focus group.
  • Attend a quarterly volunteer party.
  • Join the WellMama speakers’ bureau.
  • Scour community listings for events and activities where WellMama could provide support and services.
  • Write an article about WellMama for another local organization’s newsletter.
  • Create a list of all local TV, radio, and print media contacts in Lane County.

I Have 2-8 Hours to Help WellMama

  • Work with WellMama staff to write a press release
  • Host a movie night in your home and invite WellMama staff to attend and share resources.
  • Celebrate birthday parties, baby showers, and other special occasions by sharing WellMama’s mission and asking for donations.
  • Coordinate a quarterly volunteer party.
  • Coordinate and host a table at a community event to help share WellMama’s resources and support.

I Have 10-20 Hours to Help WellMama

  • Coordinate a quarterly focus group
  • Arrange public speaking opportunities with work places, childcare centers, schools, church congregations, and community clubs.
  • Co-write an article with WellMama staff for the newspaper about our programs and services.
  • Read a book from WellMama’s book list and submit a summary or recommendation.

I Have 1 Month to Help WellMama

  • Coordinate a community tour of offices and service providers in our local business complex

I Have 3 Months to Help WellMama

  • Earn college credit as an intern while helping women and families in the community and building your resume
  • Become a volunteer executive assistant

I Have 5 or More Months to Help WellMama

  • Become a board member
  • Become part of our “on-call dream team”
  • Help design, create, and publish a special WellMama cookbook
  • Coordinate WellMama’s Blog–to-Book Idea