Staff & Volunteers

Jessica Schultz, Executive Director


Jessica is focused on the health of women and children, specifically during their reproductive years. She comes from a background in Women & Gender Studies and Nonprofit Management from the University of Oregon. Her background consists of being a licensed massage therapist, specializing in pregnancy and postpartum clients, as well as a certified Infant Massage Instructor and a certified Birth Doula.

She started with WellMama as a client, needing postpartum anxiety support after the birth of her second daughter. She has 3 young kiddos that keep her really busy and invested in the community. She believes pregnancy, birth, infancy, and/or adoption are part of a uniquely formative time in life that has profound and long-lasting implications.

She began volunteering with WellMama’s, wanting to give back to an organization and with families who were there to support her when she needed. Her position expanded when she was hired as WellMama’s Volunteer Coordinator and now as Executive Director. She loves working closely with the wonderful group of WellMama volunteers who continuously provide such wonderful support for families in our area.

WellMama Volunteers

Natalie Berkman, WellMama Volunteer



Natalie has been a WellMama volunteer since September 2013. She started as a warm line volunteer and now helps to develop and facilitate training for new volunteers. Her first experiences with WellMama were as a support group attendee, following the birth of her first son. She was struck by the capacity of mothers to support one another through the highs and lows of new parenthood, and wanted to reciprocate the support she had received.
Natalie is a psychotherapist in private practice. She specializes in helping women with the challenges of motherhood, including mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and the postpartum period.
Maren Peterson-DeGroff, WellMama Volunteer
MarenMaren has 2 adult children she adores, and an 11 year old dog she spoils! Maren was born and raised in Eugene, and all her family live in Oregon. Her education includes a degree in Sociology and Spanish, and a Master’s in Special Education. Maren has been committed to the wellbeing of children wherever she has lived, including the Southwest, as an early childhood teacher, researcher, and parenting advocate, for 30 years. In her current role as Outreach Coordinator for Lane County’s Healthy Families program, Maren collaborates with family friendly agencies and organizations throughout the county, and meets with families, especially spending time in rural communities. Outside of work, Maren writes poetry, walks, cooks and gardens.
Jennifer Reynolds, WellMama Volunteer
JenJennifer and her 15 month old son, Liam. Jen found out about WellMama when she was pregnant and knew she would be prone to postpartum depression & anxiety because she had a strong history of dealing with depression and anxiety. She started attending support groups right after she had Liam and received amazing support. She knew that she wanted to help and give back. Jen attended a volunteer training and has been a volunteer for a year now. Jennifer was accepted to Portland State University’s MSW program, where she plans to become a therapist for children and adolescents. She plans to stay on the Warm Line and make it to events when she is able to.
“I love WellMama. I had so many feelings after having Liam, but I knew I would get through it. I am a single mom and didn’t have much support or help after about the first month. I have done this completely on my own and I have to say I am proud of myself.
Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need. We are here to help. Do not give up.”
Heather Gray, WellMama Volunteer
HeatherHeather is a WellMama volunteer on the warm line and the facilitator of the Wednesday Parenting Now! Support group. She is a University of Oregon graduate with a degree in Sociology and a Postpartum Doula. She originally came to WellMama as a client when she attended a support group after the birth of her son while suffering from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. She now has two young children that keep her very busy and active.
Heather is passionate about maternal mental health and ending the stigma that surrounds it. Being able to give back and assist women walking a familiar path to hers, gives her great fulfillment and understanding.
Fabiola Marroquin, WellMama Volunteer

FabiolaFabiola is a volunteer on our Warm Line, as well as facilitator for our Spanish Support Group. She is a mother to five kids.  She works for 4J and Springfield School Districts as an interpreter and in her field she loves to work with our Latino Community. As a Spanish speaker she wants to be that bridge to connect service and resources for Latino families support and hope to our community.

“I’m so excited to be part of this amazing volunteer team WellMama because as a Latino woman I battled in the past with postpartum depression as well.”
No estamos solas nuestra comunidad está llena de recursos, y siempre hay una solución a tu depresión.
Kristine Chadwick, WellMama Volunteer Grant Writer
KristineKristine moved to Eugene in 2013 and wanted to get involved in her new community. The mother of three mostly-grown sons, Kristine suffered depression and rage every time she was pregnant, and wanted to support other women in ways she had not been supported. When she discovered WellMama, she knew she’d found a venue to express her passion for ensuring women receive the support they need to move through and past these often unexpected, misunderstood, and unwanted emotions. Kristine works closely with WellMama’s Executive Director and Board members on grant writing and fundraising. She holds a doctorate in psychology and is the director of planning, research, and evaluation at a local education consulting firm. Her free time is spent on her volunteer passions, her family and friends, reading, and enjoying the products of Oregon’s amazing vineyards.
Rebecca Miller, WellMama Volunteer

RebeccaRebecca is a recent transplant to the Eugene area, originally from Northern Virginia. She has a background in early childhood education and taught preschool, kindergarten, and was a math specialist for many years working with grades K-5. Prior to that, she stayed home with her two children and ran an in-home daycare for 10 years.

Rebecca is also a survivor of postpartum depression herself, and wants nothing more than to be a support to women going through difficult times during and after pregnancy. She wishes WellMama had been a resource she could have used back when her first child was born.