smcfA HUGE thank you to the Spirit Mountain Community Fund for believing in WellMama’s new “Reaching All Mothers Initiative” (RAMI). We were awarded $30,000 on September 13, 2016 at Grand Ronde’s Tribal Government Building. This award will assist us in our work for enhanced access, support, and education about Perinatal Mood Disorders to Lane County’s under-served communities, and practitioners and providers who work with these women and their families.


Thank you Women’s Care and S.T.O.R.Q for so generously supporting our RAMI work and assisting in our educational outreach; this year focusing on Lane County nurses.

WellMama Donors

WellMama Mental Health and Maternal Services is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization. Donations and grants fund 100% of our programs and services. Every donation directly goes to our programs and helps pregnant and postpartum women and their families. We are thankful for our Wellmama donors. Please contact us if you are interested in donating or volunteering.

List of Past Donors


*Indicates a donor who pledges a recurring gift, which is immensely helpful to supporting WellMama’s services.

Local Business and Organization Gifts
Analog Barbershop**
Anslow & Degeneault, Inc. Signature Homes
Carl’s Jr.**
Charmed Lives
Hilton Eugene**
Jimmy John’s**
Koho Bistro**
Sweet Life Patisserie**
The Vintage**
Tiers of Joy**

**Indicates an in-kind donation

Corporate and Foundation Gifts
Anonymous Fund of the OCF
The Berkman Family Charitable Fund
PacificHealth Oregon West
Redtail Fund of the OCF
R.W. Family Fund of the OCF
Tate Family Fund of the OCF
Woodard Family Foundation

Spirit Mountain Community Fund