Donating to WellMama

Donating to WellMama Provides Free Pregnancy & Postpartum Depression Support Programs

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WellMama donations and grants fund 100% of our programs and services. Every donation directly goes to our programs and helps pregnant and postpartum women and their families. WellMama is a 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.

Option One: Become a Sustaining Supporter

Sustaining donations are recurring monthly donations that allow WellMama to plan for and maintain our basic services, such as our monthly support groups and mama-to-mama peer support. (Want to set up your recurring donation for a different amount? Let us know!)

Sign up for recurring donations:

Can’t commit to monthly donations, but still want to help? There are other ways to support WellMama programs and services.

Option Two: Make a One-time Donation

Every little bit helps, and no donation amount is too small. Even $10 helps sustain our programs.

$2,400: Funds community outreach for six months
$1,000: Supports website development and services
$500: Funds support groups for one month
$250: Prints 1,000 pamphlets to distribute and build awareness of our programs
$100: Trains two volunteers to staff our Mama-to-Mama Peer Support Program
$50: Trains one staff volunteer
$25: Provides hotline phone service for one month
$10: Sustains basic services such website maintenancePick an amount above, or donate an amount of your choice below:

Custom Donation

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"May every mama be well!" - support maternal mental health with our beautiful gearOption Three: EveryMama Gear

“May every mama be well!” Support maternal mental health by sporting a t-shirt, sporty v-neck or dress a little one in a onesie. 100% of proceeds from Every Mama gear support our services due to the generous sponsorship of Eugene Therapy.Check out the options here >>>

Option Four: Tribute Cards

Pink Water Lily

Pink Water Lily

Honor someone special with a donation in their name. With a minimum donation of $25, chosen from one of ten beautiful Tribute Cards from Eugene photographers Kristen Moss and Deb Ingebretsen. If the gift was donated in honor of a loved one, you may include their address and a message to be handwritten on the card itself.

Business Partners: WellMama is warmly received in our community, and identifying yourself as a WellMama supporter is an investment in our community’s wellness that gains you positive exposure to thousands of individuals.Learn more >