Anxiety & Mood Disorder Information

Resources for Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety and Mood Disorders

WellMama provides a variety of support to women and their families struggling with pregnancy or postpartum anxiety and mood disorders. Those struggling with these emotions are welcome to call our hotline at 1-800-896-0410 to participate in our Mother-to-Mother Peer Support Program or attend one of our weekly support groups.

The following resources may also be helpful to you.

Jane Honikman’s website contains information for women, families, and people who want to volunteer to help families dealing with pregnancy and postpartum depression and anxiety disorders. Honkiman is the founder of Postpartum Support International. Honikman’s books Step by Step and I’m Listening can be purchased from her website.

Jenny’s Light is a non-profit organization created by the families of Jennifer and Graham Gibbs Bankston in response to their tragic, unnecessary deaths due to postpartum depression.

MedEdPPD provides resources for clinicians, care providers, and families. The website has information and updates on current research, including screening tools and protocols.

Postpartum Support International (PSI) is the largest agency in the U.S. that provides support, information, advocacy, and resources regarding perinatal mood & anxiety disorders. PSI has coordinators in every state and many other countries.

Postpartum Progress is a blog written by Katherine Stone, member of Postpartum Support International. It is the most widely read blog in the U.S. on pregnancy and postpartum depression and mood disorders.

Online PPMD Support Group provides online support groups for women suffering from pregnancy and postpartum mood and anxiety difficulties.