Post-Adoption Depression

WellMama Resource Guide: Post-Adoption Depression

Although post-adoption depression affects up to 65% of adopted parents, these parents are reluctant to admit their feelings and seek help. Feelings of depression are often compounded by guilt and shame: They have eagerly awaited their adopted child and have worked hard to bring one into their home, but now they don’t feel overjoyed as they had thought. Adopted parents tend to avoid counselors, particularly those tied to their adoption agency for fear of jeopardizing the adoption.

WellMama can refer you to therapists who specialize in working with individuals and couples going through post-adoption depression and anxiety. Simply call us at 1-800-896-0410. The list below of post-adoption depression resources can also provide support and information.

This section of the WellMama Resource Guide will focus on dealing with emotions surrounding post-adoption depression. If you would like to contribute to the WellMama Resource Guide, please email resource guide volunteer Mandy Lindgren.

Older caucasian couple comforting each other.Post-Adoption Depression

The road to adoption is a long and rigorous one. As adoptive parents, you’ve spent a great amount of time demonstrating that you’re not only fit parents, but the best parents. Your family and friends supported you during the adoption process, and they all feel – you included – that you should be the happiest people on earth. So…what’s this other stuff you’re feeling?

External Resources

Book: The Post-Adoption Blues: Overcoming the Unforeseen Challenges of Adoption by K. J. Foli & J. R. Thompson (2004).

Adoption Issues is an online resource for adoptive parents experiencing depression or anxiety.

Baby Center has an online group for parents of adopted children.